Wedding Reception Favors: Disposable Cameras Offer a Unique Point of View at Your Wedding

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Since the later part of the 90s, cheap disposable cameras have become an increasingly popular wedding favor. Generally these inexpensive cameras are placed on tables at wedding receptions in order for guests to capture their own unique views of the events. Disposable wedding cameras used as wedding favors are available in many colors and designs in order to fit in with almost any style of wedding.

cheap wedding cameras1 Wedding Reception Favors: Disposable Cameras Offer a Unique Point of View at Your Wedding

Disposable wedding cameras are a great way to obtain a multitude of candid pics of the entire wedding event without the added expense of multiple photographers. They come pre-loaded with film in most cases, although some newer models are sporting digital film. Guests can leave the cameras at the table or drop them in collection baskets after the wedding, but it is wise for the bride and groom to select a trusted member to collect the cameras after the event to ensure they are not lost.

By providing guests with disposable cameras, the bride and groom will allow them to be fully engaged in the wedding event on a level never previously seen. Instead of simply being spectators, guests are observing the event in order to capture memorable details. They accept the title of photographer, as well as wedding guest, which to many will be a wonderful honor.

Flash: Yes or No?

Assess the surroundings of your wedding venue. If the area is well lighted, most likely, you’ll be able to get away with purchasing the cheaper no flash models. If your wedding venue is located near water, investing in a few waterproof cameras for key guests might be a wise decision.

Black and White or Color?

Some couples prefer the dramatic effect of black and white photos. Investing in both options may be the way to go in most cases. Brides and grooms may be impressed with what develops when a few skilled amateur photographers get ahold of black and white film and go to town.

Some Other Things to Consider

If you are planning a big wedding, you may wish to purchase cheap digital cameras featuring only 12 exposures. Most guests will be more selective in photo taking with fewer available pictures, and developing fewer pictures will certainly be less expensive. If a typical wedding has 200 guests and each guest has 36 exposures, there would be 825 photographs, most of which would not be usable. Choosing fewer exposures is the best decision.

Not every guest should have a disposable wedding camera. Small children certainly shouldn’t be given free reign with cameras without supervision, and if every guests gets a disposable wedding camera, then the only pictures the bride and groom will be left with is wedding guests taking pictures of other wedding guests taking pictures. While in concept, this might go over well in a gallery, most brides and grooms won’t be thrilled to have an endless supply of pictures of people taking pictures of each other. It’s just overkill. Limit the number of disposable wedding cameras to key guests and the vent will proceed far more smoothly.

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